Who are OwnFone?

Ownfone is a carefully selected partner of Victim Support Trading, Victim Support have worked hard to ensure the product quality and customer service are second to none and closely monitor Ownfone delivery to all customers. We are both proud to be working together to be bringing you both the Ownfone and the Footprint.


We are a London based technolology company proud to make the world's simplest mobile phone and a small GPS tracker packed full of features. We're based in the Business Design Centre in Islington.


We sell to families and individuals. Indeed, that's where we started back in 2012. We understand just how important it is for people to be able to contact their friends, family or carers quickly and easily and that’s why our handsets are all about simplicity and ease of use.


We also sell to large businesses across the UK


We offer fully managed airtime options, giving complete flexibility to our customers.


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