Footprint Tracker

Footprint - the GPS tracker

Footprint is a GPS tracker with SOS button and two-way communication. It pinpoints the location of the wearer, and provides two-way hands-free conversation through the built-in speaker.


Footprint can be 'paired' with up to three mobiles or smartphones belonging to other family members, providing reassurance to family and users alike. The user can call for help when needed. The family can keep an eye on the user and be automatically alerted if they leave a pre-defined (or geo-fenced) area.


To call for help, the user holds down the button for three seconds ... until they hear a beep. the Footprint sends a text to the 'paired' family members on their mobiles or smart phones. This has a Google Maps link showing the GPS location.


The Footprint then calls the 'paired' family members in turn until one answers the call. If the first contact is unable to answer the tracker will call the next number and then the third.


Family members can also check the current location by sending a simple location request, and create up to three geo-fenced areas. Footprint can alert when the user enters or leaves the geofenced area.


Footprint will alert family members if the battery needs charging. It has many other useful features and comes with a comprehensive but easy to follow instruction guide.


Footprint is available in an attractive range of colours and can be worn on a key clip, around the neck or carried in a pocket or bag. It comes with matching lanyard, key clip and its own charging pod. 



Fooptrint cost just £149.99 and our airtime plans are affordable.