OwnFone Mobile

Our handsets are all about simplicity and ease of use.


OwnFone - the easy way to talk


The ability to contact people, and to be contacted, at the press of a button offers great peace of mind which is so important, especially for older people, whether living independently or otherwise.


Some people simply don’t want the added complications of a modern day smartphone. Our OwnFone Mobile handset and allows the user to make calls to their pre-programmed numbers (up to 12) and receive calls from anyone who has been given their number. And that’s it. No complications, no unnecessary functions and no need for lengthy user guides.


You simply choose up to 12 numbers. We programme them into the phone. You choose your airtime plan and design and we do the rest. You can even have photos or high visibility buttons on the handset, ideal for those with visual impairment.


The OwnFone handset has nice big buttons and comes with 12 month warranty and our airtime plans are affordable and flexible. The OwnFone is ideal for older people or those who just want to make and receive calls without fuss or confusion.


Our handsets aren’t just about ease of use and safety, they are also great value for money.


Handsets cost just £75 and our airtime plans are affordable and flexible. What’s more, we don’t tie our users into lengthy contracts. You can amend your airtime plan with just 30 days’ notice.


Please note that the Braille handset is not available to buy on the website