OwnFone Mobile Features

Easy to use
• OwnFone arrives ready-to-use straight out of the box.
• Simply press a Name button to make a call.
• Press the Answer button to receive a call.


Small and light

• OwnFone is credit card sized and only 7mm thick.
• It’s extremely lightweight at only 40 grams.
• Wear it around the neck or tuck it in a small pocket.

Made for you

• The OwnFone is the first made to order mobile phone.
• You design it on this website and then we make it for you.
• It's delivered to ready to use. There’s no complicated set up.


• The OwnFone comes in a wide range of colours and styles.
• You can have two, four, eight or twelve name buttons.
• For ease of use, the buttons get bigger the fewer you have.

• OwnFone will only call your telephone numbers, so it
    has very little value to anyone else.


• Your phone numbers are not stored in the OwnFone.
• They are stored in a secure computer server, so if your
    OwnFone is lost or stolen your numbers are protected.


Good value
• OwnFone is available on a range of affordable price plans.

Flexible Airtime Plans
• Choose one of our Pay Monthly plans.
• Or you can pay for 6 or 12 months of airtime in advance at a    

   discounted price.