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Written responses from Mum


Q: Why did you buy a phone for your daughter?

Sophia is at that age (9) when she is getting more independent.  She plays outside on the estate we live on and likes to go and play in friends’ houses or even walk to the local shop.  She’s started to ask to walk to school and back on her own too.  Although she is really sensible, I felt like I needed a way of us contacting each other just to make sure that she is safe.  I also work away a lot and she likes to call me when she’s staying at her grandma’s independently without having to wait for me or use grannies phone.


Q: What attracted you to Ownfone?

I didn’t feel comfortable buying Sophia a smart phone as she had experienced cyber bullying previously and to be honest she spends enough time looking at a screen on her ipad at home; but I did want her to be able to contact me or another trusted adult when she needed to talk or in an emergency.

Ownphone enables me to encourage her to talk to and use a trusted support network, is really economical (I’ve paid for credit for the year) and is much less likely to be stolen than a smart phone as it’s not worth anything of value to anybody other than Sophia.  It also very robust and Sophia loves climbing and playing football so it means it has more chance of surviving too.


Q.How easy was it to place the order?

Very straight forward I just followed a few easy steps to choose the design, input the numbers and then it was dispatched and arrived within the week.


Q.Would you recommended it to other mums?

Yes definitely – it’s a great first phone and easy to use particularly for primary and early secondary aged children and gives some independence but within safe boundaries.  I can imagine it being really helpful for children with learning disabilities too who may need a simple method of contacting family.




Written Response from daughter


Q. What’s it like having an Ownfone?

Its good. I like that I’ve got people in it who love and care  for me. It reminds me that I always have someone to talk to.  It also makes me feel grown up and more independent and my mum trusts me more to play outside or walk to school. It’s also good that I can just call my mum and ask if I can play in a friend’s house instead of having to walk home. I also feel safer and if I’m worried about anything I can phone my mum and she’ll come.  

I love the design purple is my favourite colour and I love animal print.