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Fairness and Flexibility

Our guiding principle is fairness and flexibility.


We want you to be pleased with what you buy from us.


If you order a phone from us and it does not suit your needs you have 28 days to return it for a full refund. We will only charge you for the cost of any airtime used, or any damage to the phone.


The same goes for our airtime.  All of our airtime plans can be changed (upwards or downwards) with just 30 days' notice to accomodate the users' changing needs. 


And by the way... Unlike most networks we only ever calculate usage and costs by the second. No rounding up to the nearest minute - ever.

Just so you know right from the start ... If you use more than the minutes included in your plan, they are charged at 15 pence per minute.


• If you are on a Monthly Plan you will see the additional calls and costs on your next statement.

• If you are on a 6 or 12 Month Plan the cost will reduce your credit balance and will shorten the life of the plan.


• If you are on a Top Up Plan you cannot use more minutes than you bought. You will need to top up when your minutes run out.