1. What is the OwnFone Footprint?


OwnFone Footprint is a unique mini GPS tracker* featuring a personal alarm. The tracker features two-way communication that enables you to get in touch with your contacts via voice, SMS or email.


The mini, wearable device – which is the size of a small pebble – can be worn around your neck, hung on a key chain, kept in a pocket or stored in a bag so that it's always available and can give constant reassurance when out and about.


*A GPS tracker is a device that can be carried by a person and that uses the Global Positioning System to track its precise location and movement at regular intervals


2. Who is the OwnFone Footprint designed for?


The OwnFone Footprint can be used by anyone who wants the reassurance of staying in touch with a handful of chosen contacts in their daily lives.


That might be an older child who is just gaining their independence, a student who is living away from home for the first time, an individual who is living in an abusive relationship, an elderly person who has early dementia, an adult with learning difficulties who wants to maintain their independence or a lone worker who wants a convenient way of staying in touch with their office base.


3. What are the benefits of owning an OwnFone Footprint?


The OwnFone Footprint offers a discreet, convenient and effective way of staying in touch with a handful of chosen contacts in your daily life.


It enables its user to instantly alert those contacts the minute they feel unsafe and to communicate with them via voice, SMS or email by simply pressing the SOS button.


Because the OwnFone Footprint is also a tracker, as soon as an alert is activated the contact will be given a link to Google Maps with the user's exact location and speed of movement pin-pointed to allow them to be located.


Knowing that their contacts can be so quickly and easily alerted gives the OwnFone Footprint's user feelings of confidence and security while out and about, while it gives those that care for the Footprint user (whether that be parents, employers or carers etc), instant reassurance.


These feelings of confidence and reassurance can be life-changing and can, in many cases, allow an OwnFone Footprint user and those that are responsible for them, to enjoy a sense of freedom and independence that they might never have had or not enjoyed for years.


The OwnFone Footprint also acts as a mobile phone device, so once the SOS button has been deployed, the option for the user to speak is also there.


4. Is the OwnFone Footprint suitable for use by people who aren't particularly tech savvy?


The OwnFone Footprint has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. It can be very simply linked to up to three smartphone devices. The minute an alarm is activated (which is done by pushing a single button), those contacts will be called in rotation until a response is found.


Because the OwnFone Footprint is also a tracker, the user doesn't even have to be able to have a conversation once they are in touch with one of their contacts, as the tracker will automatically pinpoint exactly where they are and send the contact a Google Maps link with their location pinpointed.


The contact on the other end will receive a text and can also listen in as it opens up a live call. This functionality can in some instances be life saving when someone is in a particularly vulnerable situation.


5. What is geo-fencing?


The OwnFone Footprint can be pre-programmed with up to three geo-fenced areas. These are effectively ‘virtual' barriers that can't be crossed by the user without an automatic alert being sent to contacts.


This is a particularly valuable feature for children, lone workers or anyone with learning difficulties or dementia.


Pre-programming the device with geo-fenced areas enables the Footprint's user to move freely within ‘safe' areas to enjoy a sense of freedom and independence that might not have previously been possible.


But it also gives carers, family, friends and those responsible for the Footprint's user the reassurance of knowing that the second the Footprint's user enters or leaves one of these pre-designated Google Map zones they'll be contacted.


The contact will be given a link to Google Maps with the user's exact location and speed of movement pin-pointed to allow them to be located as quickly as possible.


6. At just under £150 the OwnFone Footprint feels like a huge investment when I'm not even sure it will answer the need for my Dad who has early onset dementia.


At VS Trading we have a commitment to only ever supply products that we believe to be the best available at meeting the need. So when you buy from us you can have confidence in the quality of the product.


You can also have confidence in the price as we're committed to our products being competitively priced to reflect the true value of their features and benefits.


Accessibility is very important to us as a charity and we feel confident that, thanks to its simplicity, the OwnFone Footprint can be used by people with very different needs.


However, if you try the OwnFone Footprint and it doesn't work for you, it comes with a 14 day ‘ no questions asked' money back guarantee.


7. When I buy the OwnFone Footprint from you rather than from another retail outlet am I helping others?


VS Trading donates net profits from all of its sales to the Victim Support charity to help us continue our work.


When you buy your OwnFone Footprint from us you are not only helping yourself or someone you care about. You can also rest assured that net profits from each sale will help fund our work supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents.*


*OwnFone is a product designed and manufactured by OwnFone Limited. OwnFone has committed to raise a minimum of £10,000 during 2017/18 for Victim Support (charity number 298028).


OwnFone Limited works in association with Victim SupportTrading Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Victim Support which donates its net profits to that charity.